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Welcome to EW3D. Started in 1996, the company provides website hosting, development, marketing and consultation to a variety of businesses. Explore our website to learn more. Still have questions? Give us a call at 877-777-1407.

Got mobile?

InnsMobileInnsMobile delivers a multifunctional mobile website to hosted accommodations. With a simple, intuitive interface for innkeepers, we give you a platform through which you can easily deploy last minute specials, advertise your rates and accommodations and much more. We provide an easy to use experience with features such as geolocation for inns nearby, city and state search and easy access to calling, texting or getting GPS directions right to your front door. InnsMobile detects and optimizes to over 14,000 different mobile devices. Learn more about InnsMobile

InnsMobile News

Mid-Atlantic Innkeepers Conference: Mobile followup

For those attending our Doing Mobile Right seminar at the Mid-Atlantic Conference in Baltimore, MD (as well as those who missed it) we are publishing a followup with direct links to many of the utilities we discussed during our seminar. As we covered, all mobile sites are not created equal.  A good mobile website is more than […]

New: Link your booking engine from your mobile website!

2012 has been a good year.  After a few delays, we were excited to bring InnsMobile and all that it offers to the PAII national and Mid-Atlantic regional innkeeping shows.  In addition to bringing the most competitive mobile product available on the market to innkeepers throughout the country, we were able to get a lot […]

Auto-Redirect is here!

Our recent reveal at the 2012 PAII National Show in Little Rock yielded a lot of valuable feedback from our customers.  By far the most inquired-about item was browser detection.  After all, you already put a lot of money and effort into having your website listed as high as possible on various search engines and […]

Latest News

WordPress Attacks

Distributed attacks on WordPress installations In the last two weeks, the number of attacks on Word Press installations has increased exponentially.  At the root of this issue is the software’s handling of login attempts.  When a user tries to log in, the server processes that login check with a few database queries and log writes. […]

Don’t be fooled by solicitations for DNS Services!

In the past two months, we’ve seen a distinct rise in the number of  customers receiving solicitations from DNS Services in Vancouver, WA.  These solicitations are misleading in that they present themselves more as an invoice than a sales pitch.  Typically they will identify you, your business and us by listing information on the nameservers we […]

Content Management System (CMS) video

We’ve just published a video featuring some basics of using our content management system.  Whether you’re a current user or simply interested in how the software works, be sure to check it out!