At EW3D, we pride ourselves on outstanding support.  Whether you’re looking for marketing advice or assistance with a more technical issue, we have the answers you’re looking for.  If you are seeking assistance with a technical issue, please choose your preferred method of contact below:

Email Support:

Extended email support is available with a typical response time of less than 1 business day. If you are having a technical issue but your email is working, we highly recommend you email us. Send your inquiry to or submit it online here.

Phone Support:

Our business hours for phone support are:

9AM through 5:00PM EST
Monday through Friday

Our emergency hotline is available for issues which require immediate response. For access to this line, please click here.

Emergency Support Policies

Although we make it a point to be available for emergency situations when something must be handled immediately, general inquiries and non-emergency telephone support requests made to our emergency number outside of our normal business hours may incur service charges. (The extended support option via email is still available outside business hours.)

If you cannot access your website and/or email, but can go to other websites on the Internet, please visit our emergency support page. Calls for any other support requests made to the emergency phone number may incur billing charges at our emergency rate, which can be found here.

There is an emergency hotline available for all emergency issues. For access to this line, and to find out about potential charges, please click here.