The following contains information about EW3D, our staff, our history and our systems.

EW3D? What is that?

EW3D is short for Electronic World Wide Web Development.

You may have visited w3.org at some point in the past. This is the consortium which sets all official standards for the World Wide Web, www or 'W3'. Making use of this, we get 'E'lectronic 'W3' 'D'evelopment or EW3D.

Some additional thought went into it. You may see our favicon, the graphic just in front of the URL in your task bar. By rotating the E, we get the W and the 3. It does make a pretty neat graphic.

We hope this this bit of history about our domain name helps make it easier to remember, as we are not associated with any particular 'W'ater 'D'ispersant formula number '40' product.

About EW3D

Synergy at its best is not just a goal, but a way of doing business. EW3D.com has over 10 years of experience on the Internet. That might not seem like a long time, but not many people were on the World Wide Web back in 1994. Were you?

The Accommodations industry was an easy path in which to enter. Jeremy Robinson and his wife Diana, owned and operated a bed and breakfast. The online world was wide open back then and yes, the early birds did get some of the very best worms. It became obvious that the Internet was the place to concentrate the bulk of his inn's marketing.

Meanwhile, John Hinton was busy in the same small town using his computer for mostly graphics and language work. The Internet came along and suddenly his purpose seemed clear. A place to use those programming language and the graphics skills.

A partnership was born! We've moved from renting server space at a local ISP, to buying virtual hosting packages on distant machines, to putting in our first collocated server at another location. We are now in two locations with multiple servers running in each of those.

We are continuing our growth, with more servers added at our Goshen facility. We try (and thus far have succeeded) to stay one step ahead of where we needed to be. We run server-class hardware, not just PCs with server software on them. We order high-speed communications lines before we need them. This business philosophy has led us along a constant growth path....

And EW3D is committed to helping our clients grow along with us!