Emergency Support

Emergency Support Policies

Although we make it a point to be available for emergency situations in which something must be handled immediately, general inquiries and non-emergency support requests via our emergency hotline outside of our normal business hours, 9 am to 7 pm Eastern time, may incur billing charges at the emergency rate which may be found on our services pages.

(The extended support option via email is still available outside business hours.)

Before calling our emergency hotline to report an problem, please click to view one or more of the following which most represents your issue:

I Cannot Get To My Website On The Internet.

You must have an Internet connection to receive email and/or view your website. A great way to check to see that your Internet connection is working, is to do a 'new' search on your favorite search engine. This needs to be a new search to be certain that you are not pulling files locally from your browser cache. In this new search, just enter any random words, and you should see a return that has something to do with your search phrase.

If you get an error or cannot see returns that seem correct, more than likely your Internet connection is not operational. Rebooting your computer is a normal first step to try to re-establish a connection. If that does not work, you will need to do additional troubleshooting or contact your Internet Service Provider. Connectivity to the Internet is not a service we provide and is not included in our service options.

I Can Get to My Website but My Email is Not Working

This section only applies to those who use our servers for email service, in other words, those whose email boxes are on EW3D servers. If your email is forwarded to another provider, perhaps a gmail account, you need to contact them for support.

If you are using an email program such as Outlook or Thunderbird and can no longer access your email, the first thing to try is to reboot your computer. Sometimes Internet address data gets corrupted on your computer or within your email program. A reboot will normally clear this bad data, allowing you to connect again.

If that doesn't work, please try Webmail, which is accessible via:


Input your username and password for your email account. If Webmail properly displays the Inbox and any email that is on the server, then the problem is not with our server nor with your email account on it. We have however seen a few spams that cause an email program to hang. Within the Webmail interface, navigate to the last/oldest email and delete it or perhaps any email that is not needed, particularly the oldest. Then restart your email program to see if it will download the messages.

If you are able to successfully log in to your Webmail account, but receive an error message instead of seeing your email, more than likely there is something wrong on our server and you will need to contact us. If you can still send email, sending an email to support@ew3d.com is the fastest way to have this repaired.

When I Send Email, It is Returned with a Spamhaus Message

We use the Spamhaus.org spammer blacklist. If you receive a bounce message from us, which includes a message about UBE or Unsolicited Bulk Email and refers you to the Spamhaus.org website, your current Internet address has been used by a spammer recently.

This in itself means you should at least consider the possibility that in fact spam is being sent from your computer or local network. Most of the time this is due to a virus or trojan residing on a computer.

You now need to understand just a bit about IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. This is the numerical identity of your connection to the internet. Most service providers use dynamic IP addresses. With this service, your IP address changes with some frequency set by the provider. Static IP addresses are sometimes used, but generally at an increased service cost. Static IP addresses do not change.

If you are blacklisted and are on a dynamic IP address, the problem might be your computer or perhaps another computer on your network, or it might be due to someone who recently had this IP address, or another person using the same Internet Service Provider. If you have a static IP address, the problem is positively on your computer or on someone's computer on your local network.

The first thing to do is find out about the blacklisting. Go to:


Copy or write down this IP address.

Then go to:


Near the top of that page is a link for blacklist or blocklist removal. Click that link. Paste or type in the IP address you obtained above. This will show several options for blacklisting. Following those will allow you to request removal. Depending on the the maintainers of that list, normally this takes less than 2 hours, but can sometime take longer.

Being on an email blacklist absolutely interferes with your communication. The Spamhaus notice you originally receive is generated by our server because you need to know this information immediately. Most mailservers make use of various blacklists, and what their sysadmins decide to do with email failing these checks varies widely. Some just delete the email. In this case you would not know that your message did not reach your client. Some deliver it but to a spam folder. Many people only rarely check their spam folder.

EW3D works very hard to run clean systems so that your email is delivered. Obviously we do not have control over the use of Internet service provider's systems.

If the situation is due to a problem on our end, there will be no charge. If the problem is not on our end, emergency rates will apply.

Calls involving non-emergency support requests made to our emergency hotline will result in billing charges

To summarize: if you have attempted basic troubleshooting but are unable to access your website and/or email, contact us at:  301-547-8250