Emergency Support

Emergency Support Policies

Although we make it a point to be available for emergency situations in which something must be handled immediately, general inquiries and non-emergency support requests via our emergency hotline outside of our normal business hours, 9 am to 7 pm Eastern time, may incur billing charges at the emergency rate which may be found on our services pages.

(The extended support option via email is still available outside business hours.)

Before calling our emergency hotline to report an problem, please click to view one or more of the following which most represents your issue:
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If the situation is due to a problem on our end, there will be no charge. If the problem is not on our end, emergency rates will apply.

Calls involving non-emergency support requests made to our emergency hotline will result in billing charges

To summarize: if you have attempted basic troubleshooting but are unable to access your website and/or email, contact us at:  301-547-8250