Got mobile? InnsMobile is here!

EW3D is excited to present InnsMobile!

In 2010 mobile devices accounted for 2% of traffic on the internet.  By 2011 that percentage more than doubled, finishing up at 5%.  In 2012 it was projected that this presence would be greater than 10%, but in fact hit 10% in April! 2015 is the predicted culmination point when mobile devices will account for more internet traffic than traditional devices such as computers and laptops.  In other words, mobile is not going away any time soon.

With this added platform comes a new concern for any business that relies on their website for marketing.  In all cases, a simplified and mobile friendly website is recommended.  However not all mobile devices are created alike.  Some can handle media rich content, flash animations and more without a hitch while others cannot.  Do you simply dumb down your mobile site to the point that it will work on older devices without taking advantage of the advanced features available on newer phones?

The answer:  InnsMobile!

InnsMobile is an exciting new product developed and maintained by EW3D.  With our easy to use interface, Innkeepers can log in and create their very own multi-paged website with simple, intuitive interface.  Add specials, photos, pages and more with just a few easy clicks.  Once your site is developed, you need only implement our detection software into your website, and then your new mobile site is live!  InnsMobile is simple enough that you can develop your own site in about an hour, but we do offer a premium service in which we’ll create the site for you within our engine.

The InnsMobile Difference

Unlike a Standard Web 1.0 website, InnsMobile is not static.  Our database detects over 15,000 different devices, such as the Apple iPhone & iPad, Android phones & tablets, Blackberry phones and many more.  Based on the device accessing your website, we deliver a mobile site that can best take advantage of the features available.  Simple, easy to use click-to-call functionality, email to a friend, and more can be found in all mobile sites while GPS-enabled phones can deliver guests right to your front door with only a click.  Because your mobile site is being delivered by our live, dynamic system it will evolve as new devices are released.  And, of course, you maintain the ability to log in and make changes at any time.

Yet Another Benefit to Being an EW3D Customer:

As a valued customer, we’re excited to present you with an exclusive promotional offer.  For a limited time, you can become an InnsMobile Premiere subscriber for only $200 for the first two years.  That’s a 60% savings on premiere accounts and 50% for standard!  This gets you the ability to develop your very own multi-paged mobile website which can be automatically delivered to guests of your website when they visit with a mobile device.  This is a $300 savings over the $250 yearly pricing plan being offered to the public for premiere listings.  Interested?  Visit us at to learn more.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook for the latest updates, and visit our blog to view recent software patches and download our recent seminar on mobile websites which was delivered at the Mid Atlantic 2012 Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia.