Content Management System

Just getting started with our Content Management System?  Please review the brief walk through below to get started!

Follow these simple directions:

The very first thing you’ll need to do is refer to the introductory email sent to you.  Within you’ll find your username and password used to log in at

Upon logging in you will be presented with a few options.  Select Edit Site. Your website will load momentarily, at which point you are given the option to edit.

Edit button as seen within our Content Management System

“Editing text is part of the core functionality in the management system. When you navigate to a page you would like to make text changes on, you will see small black edit callouts. These callouts indicate that the element they are hovering over can be edited. When it is a text element you will see a small paper and pencil icon in the callout. Click on the callout you would like to edit and it will load up a window containing a What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor. On some sites there will only be one edit button, found at the far bottom left of your webpage.

The WYSIWYG editor provides you with all the tools you need to create well-formed text. You’re no doubt familiar with the majority of the buttons in the editor from use of word processing programs in the past.

Once you have made a change, click the Ok button at the bottom of the editor. This will return you to your webpage with the desired changes applied. Your website has not been updated yet. What you see is a preview.  Be absolutely sure to preview and that the changes which you have made appear correctly!

The publish button is used for applying previewed changes to your website, making them visible to all your visitors.

If you have decided you like what you see, you can mouse over the Page Actions button in the preview window, publish the changes immediately or save a draft that can be published or edited further at a later date”

–Taken from the official help documentation found within your initial invitation email.

A few additional pointers:

You should restrict your use of the CMS to adding or changing text, and selecting a preset style (if enabled) as necessary. You should NOT attempt to change fonts, except to use bold or italic text. This means that you should not change colors or fonts. The latter is extremely important for several reasons:

1) The font and colors may be set by a cascading style sheet, and since this is external to the page, selecting other fonts and colors presents confusion to the server, which may respond in unpredictable and unpleasant ways. Be sure to preview your edits!

2) Aside from fonts used in graphics (art work), the only fonts which can be used are limited to those present on the computers of the persons viewing the website. If they do not have the selected font installed on their computer, the browser will default to either Times Roman or Arial (Helvetica). Thus you really cannot choose other fonts, as while they may appear correctly on your computer screen, they probably will not appear so on others.

3) Finally, your designer has selected fonts and colors in accordance with the design, which is, after all, the reason you chose them to execute the site for you.

If you want to make changes to design, you have several options: First, you can obtain a website design program such as Dreamweaver which will allow you to make such changes after you learn how to use them. These are powerful tools, and the opportunity to wreak havoc on your site with them is quite broad.

Second, you can ask us to make changes for you at normal hourly rates. This is probably the best bet for making occasional design changes. But of course, it is up to you.

For further assistance with the editor, please consult the online help documentation supplied with your invitation email.

To keep the cost we charge you for  the CMS system at the lowest reasonable rate, we are only able to offer very limited support in getting you started, but if you needing additional help please contact us at for assistance at our normal hourly rates.