Start by opening the “Applications” icon on your phone.

On the next screen, select the "E-mail" button.

Again, select the 'Settings' icon and then "Accounts".

Again, select the "Settings" icon and then 'Add account'

Enter your E-mail address and password and click Next.

Select 'IMAP'

Enter your username which may be the same as your email address. Your password will already be entered from the previous screen. Your IMAP server will be If your website is, your IMAP server is Click 'Next' and your phone will run a check on our incoming server setup. If there is a problem, it will allow you to go back and make edits.

The SMTP server is the same as the IMAP server or The port should default to 587. Be sure 'Require sign-in' is has the green check. Check that your username is correct. Your password is already entered from the previoius input.

Choose an Email checking frequency. If this is your main email account, set 'Send email from this account by default. If you choose, you can be notified when email arrives.

Giving the account a name helps you identify the account on the phone. "Your Name" should be the proper format of the name you use for your business. This will be show when the email is received.


You have successfully set your email account on your Android! To check your mail, return to the home screen and open your email program.